Thursday, December 30, 2010

remember the girls who tried to steal Steve's fancy car?

I think it was one of those "drinking and doing drugs are bad" sort of episodes.  Dylan and Steve meet these two hot chicks (well they were supposed to be hot, in an 80's sort of way,) and they act all intersted.  Soon they are purring and petting the guys, and ooh and aww over the hot car, and ask if they can drive it, and then they take off. 

But that blond one looks very familiar.  Am I crazy, or is she the same actress who played the nun in "Desperate Housewives" when Carlos was on a religious kick?  The one that Gabby was jealous of?  She was always dressed in a dowdy blouse and long skirt?  Same person, right?

Now I'm getting the episodes confused.  Was this when Dylan tries ecstasy?  He passes out or something.  Darn, if I am going to write this blog I had better brush up on these things.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

remember when Andrea had the affair with the guy

The guy who in real life is married to the famous actress that I cannot remember her name who played Alison's sister on "Melrose Place?"  You know, the one with the red hair?  So Andrea was married to this hispanic guy that just oozed boredom, because he knocked her up.  No wonder she had an affair.  And she met Mr. affair in the laundromat, and he struck up a conversation as the baby was like, perched on the dryer. Could they have made her life seem any more pathetic?  Poor Oohn-drea.  She was headed off to Yale and they just had to knock her so way down in life. 

She deserved more.  Wasn't she the brainy one?  The writers should have let her had a comeback, sort of like J.K. Rowling.  Overcome the obstacles of single/unprepared parenthood by writing some amazing novels.  In fact I love Harry Potter just for that.  Imagine how the odds were stacked against poor J.K. Rowling, being a single mum on welfare.  Nobody thought she had much of a future, or a brain, given the circumstances.  Her story is more compelling to me, personally, than Harry's, but that's just my opinion :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

watching them make fun of French people in France

The episode where Claire is having a dream that she's playing Jeopardy, and she's going to win either Bradon, or the tacky French guy stands out in my mind.  I was actually IN the country known as France, staying at a youth hostel at the time, watching TV in our group viewing room.  I had to smoke, because if you don't smoke in France then the smoking of others just really bothers you.  At least that's how it was in the 90's, maybe now they've all become more health conscious.

So the tacky smoochy French guy with the beret and the striped shirt, making kissy faces at Claire, was a real hit with the Frenchies.  The moment he made his "French face," the room exploded with applause and laughter.  Who knew that the real French actually have a sense of humor about their stereotypes!  They should have put that in the show.

What kind of American stereotype would be in a French show?  (we could probably guess....)  And would we find it amusing?  Not sure about how much of a sense of humor we Americans have about ourselves, because I suspect any stereotype would be just a little....too.....true.

Friday, December 17, 2010

the lesbian thing

Remember when Kelly was almost killed in the frat house fire and she was stuck in the bathroom with a lesbian who later confessed her true love?  It was like, "yeah, go Kelly!  Go give it a try!"  But that would have been unthinkable 15 years ago.

Look how far we've come baby!  I really admire the writers for this one.  On the new show, Arianna has a passionate affair with Rumer Willis.  So cool!  And now the blond guy has admitted he is gay, something the old show would never got anywhere near.  Yay, pop culture, you go!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

square hair....was it an LA thing?

Brandon's hair always bothered me.  See, he was supposed to be this dreamboat guy that had all these girls fighting over him, but I just could never get over the square, greasy hair.  I found myself often wondering what kind of hair would have made him seem more attractive to me.  The buzz cut, like what David did in later years?  Long hippy hair?  Dreadlocks?

Now, I was a young woman in the 90's in New York, and I just don't remember any guys walking around with square hair.  Did I miss them or something?

I have to commend Brian Austin Green, who played David Silver.  He gets the "most improved hair" award, in my opinion.  In the beginning, rather than square greasy hair, it was something more like, oblong, tall greasy hair.  And I don't want to even talk about the Vanilla Ice look he had for awhile too.  But check him out now as the character dating Bree on "Desperate Housewives!"  What a hottie.  I'd like to make a toast, in honor of those stylists, whomever they might be.  Here, here!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dylan's house

Of all my fantasy 90210 abode's, I always wanted to live in Dylan's imaginary "casa of much brooding and eyebrow scrunching."  I love the craftsman style bungalows, and I think he did such a great job of decorating it, with that minimalist surfer style of his.  Imagine curling up on that futon with the mexican blanket in front of the warm cracking fire with a mug of hot chocolate.  I wonder if the bathroom was updated.  Do you think he had rodents of any kind?  Do they have cockroaches in L.A.?

Plus, as they often say on househunters international, it has a great backyard space, so perfect for entertaining.

Monday, December 13, 2010

love triangles

So I see from last week's episode that the new show is trying to do the love triangle thing with Adriana, Naveed, and Silver.  Can't blame the writers, as the classic Brenda/Dylan/Kelly triangle was one of the most dramatic few shows ever!  Right up there with Shakespeare, it was so beautiful in it's tragedy/wickedness/sexiness/betrayal and angst.  The chemistry was just right, maybe it was Shannon Doherty's ability to seethe in bitchiness and Kelly's ability to be hot that did it.  The Dylan guy was okay at being torn but mostly just a cardboard stand in, and slightly annoying.  Somehow his fake angst just added to the shows charm.  Maybe this is why I wish Silver would be just a little more evil, and Adriana a little more deep, now that would be more interesting.